Index of Tools

Benefits of information sharing

Data Flow Diagram for ante natal and post natal contact details (pdf, 56KB)

Data Processor / data controller contract template

Dataset and Stakeholders Template

Dataset Description Template

Governance – Understanding governance issues for organisations and partnerships

Governance Review

Information Requirements – Documenting the requirements

Information Sharing Agreement Template

Information Sharing Agreement Example

Information sharing confidence self assessment

Information Sharing Journey – diagram

Information sharing journey training session agenda (49kb PDF)

Information sharing journey training session scenario (77kb PDF)

Information sharing journey bingo cards (57kb PDF)

Information sharing journey stage examples (89kb PDF)

Information Sharing Protocol

Presentations from Unraveling the Complexity of Multi-Agency Working London 12 April 2013 (pdf, 5.39MB)

Legal basis for sharing - Process for Identifying the legal Basis for Sharing Information

Privacy impact assessment overview

Privacy notice – Design principles

Recording information sharing decisions

Recording information sharing protocols and agreements – template


Sharing non-personally identifiable information – guidance

Stakeholders - Identifying and Understanding Stakeholders

Troubled families monitoring