Case studies

Integrating health and social care: the Hampshire Health Record (PDF)
A local electronic health and social care record which helps underpin better clinical decision-making. It can also be used to analyse the needs of service user groups.

Materials relating to the Multi Agency Information Sharing Hub (MASH)
An initiaive to improve service delivery by safely and effectively sharing appropriate information about families.

Materials relating to antenatal and postnatal data sharing
Promoting earlier engagement of pregnant women and new families with children’s centres.

Developing a better privacy notice (PDF)
A new way of asking young people for consent for their information to be shared, in order to coordinate the services offered to them, using the the principles (PDF) developed by the IISaM project.

The importance of good governance in information sharing (PDF)
A review of existing partnership arrangements to help enable the agreement and implementation of actions to meet the challenges of working together and sharing information.

Information sharing to tackle violence (PDF)
Sharing non-personally identifiable information to decide how best to tackle violence. The case study includes links to guidance, an e-learning module, tools and evaluation of the model.

Troubled families
Deciding the legal basis for sharing information to identify and work with troubled families.

Antenatal and live birth data (PDF)
Deciding the legal basis for sharing ante natal and live birth data between the NHS and local authority children’s centres.

Pupil information for use by school nurses (PDF)
Deciding the legal basis for sharing pupil information between local authority children’s services and the NHS for use by school nurses.

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