Sharing information appropriately and securely is a vital step in helping organisations work together to deliver better services to the public.  The ‘Improving Information Sharing and Management’ exemplar project provides tools and resources to help you and your colleagues share the right information at the right time, in the right way.  You can access the tools and resources in a number of different ways:

Information sharing journey

The project team built on pre-existing research conducted on behalf of the Department of Communities and Local Government, which described six stages of an ‘information sharing journey’ through which all multi-agency initiatives will pass.  This research has been validated through our own experiences in the three pilot areas, so we have used the journey to structure the toolkit.

Index of tools

If you want to see a straightforward list of the tools and associated resources, this is the place to go.

Case studies

Throughout the project, the team have been gathering examples of how information sharing is working, both inside the pilot areas, and in other sectors and initiatives.  The case studies provide an insight into the ways that other areas have managed to resolve their issues, and successfully achieve safe and effective information sharing.

Top questions

The project has developed the tools by working closely with the ‘Troubled Families’ and ‘Ending Gang and Youth Violence’ agendas, and these resources seek to answer some of the specific questions raised by those working on those topics.  The top questions also highlight some of the questions we hear frequently – about working with particular sectors or agencies, for example – and we aim to provide some help to answer those.  If you’d like to ask us a question directly, please get in touch.