Rotherham – local places urged to improve information sharing to prevent child sexual exploitation

The Government’s response to failings in Rotherham, issued today, has highlighted the critical role information sharing plays in preventing child sexual exploitation and affirms the Government’s commitment to supporting local places in overcoming the barriers that are limiting effective partnership working.

The Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing welcomes the Government’s call to action by local places and its clarification of how and when personal information should be shared.

Our work has shown that local places appropriately and effectively sharing information can transform outcomes for people.  Organisational culture is fundamental to information sharing and multi-agency working. So, we welcome the emphasis on developing more supportive cultures between partners to enable a freer flow of information, which may prove central to a child’s future.

Regular learning from the local places we are supporting challenging information sharing barriers is published on our website, along with an ongoing commentary by our engagement managers through our blogs. Sign up for updates at or follow us at @InfoShareCOE