New campaign seeks to capture personal stories of information sharing

Press release
21 November 2014

The Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing is seeking personal stories of information sharing to support a new campaign.

The ‘What’s your information story?’ campaign aims to highlight the times when information sharing has or could have improved outcomes for public service users.

Through its work nationally and locally, the Centre has found that, behind the information sharing journeys of local places, there is always a personal story about a local person who has, or could have, been helped through better information sharing between services and agencies.

Stephen Curtis, Director of the Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing explains: “Our work with local places across England has identified the need to personalise the journey for those involved, to help organisations with different cultures and motivations find common ground.

“Leicestershire Police’s case study about their mental health and policing work, for example, uses the story of a person who was seen cutting himself with a razor blade on a park bench. He was attended to by a police officer and a mental health worker who, by working together, ensured the very best outcome for that person.

“Over the past couple of weeks we have been told a range of stories which we feel have the power to refocus and encourage areas to address cultural issues and improve how they share information.”

To find out more about the campaign, or to submit your information sharing story visit this link.


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