Information sharing critical to service transformation – government response


16 March 2015

The government’s response (found here), to the independent Service Transformation Challenge Panel report (found here), demonstrates its commitment to the transformation of public services, and its timing, as we head into the election period, is critical.

The prominence of information sharing in both the Panel report and the government’s response, and recognition for the Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing’s work in supporting local places to address cohorts with multiple and complex needs, exemplifies a mature understanding of the issues and the time it takes to resolve these through developing the right local approaches.

Our work with local places has identified that there is real concern about the length of time and the amount of resource required to tackle information sharing in service transformation. We are encouraged by the government’s commitment to exploring new funding opportunities for transformation in the new Parliament. This and the overall response will go some way to alleviate concerns and provide recognition to local places for the depth of the challenge they are facing.