Why are we here?

The new Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing has just launched! The Centre, which is an innovative collaboration bringing together local and central government, provides support to a number of local areas encountering information sharing issues across a range of policy areas affected by public sector reform.

The Centre of Excellence is supported by a wide range of central government departments and its agencies.  However, the main focus of the Information Sharing Centre of Excellence’s work is on the practical, on-the-ground solutions to information sharing barriers, providing managers and practitioners with stories, case studies and practical materials to help them resolve issues in their own areas.

The history: the Improving Information Sharing and Management (IISaM) project ran from January 2012 to summer 2013, and was joint initiative between Bradford Metropolitan District Council, Leicestershire County Council and the 10 local authorities in Greater Manchester. The project was supported by central government, the Local Government Association, the Information Commissioner’s Office and others.  The work of the IISaM project demonstrated that the information sharing barriers being identified locally were applicable across other policy areas, and in other geographical locations.  This conclusion was supported by central government, and so the Centre of Excellence has been develop to build on the experiences of IISaM.